Allied Products

P Brand Mustard Oil-Cake & Cattle Feed

Our Oil-Cake commands a premium in the market because of its enriched nutritional value and is ideal as animal feed and fodder. The total saturated oil content that is residual in the oil-cake is approximately 7%.

‘P’ Mark Cattle Feed, an allied product, is very popular in the dairy belt of Haryana and Punjab. The feed conforms to ISI (Indian Standards Institute) specifications of quality. The group has a 12 year long association with Nestle India Ltd. During the association, the company has established a reputation of a firm commitment to quality an dairy farmers collaborating with Nestle swear by the milk yield enhancing properties of the feed. The marketing team of the group is constantly devising strategies to capture the vast network of dairies in Northern India.

MUSTARDZ Organic Mustard Seed

The company's vision is to be acknowledged as "the last word in Mustard". In accordance with this endeavour, a line of value-added products are being launched under the brand name of Mustardz. One of the offerings under the Mustardz umbrella is packaged organic and non- organic mustard seeds.dairy products sector.

SHAKTI (Non-Stick Massage Oil)

Since ancient times, mustard oil has also been used for external applications, in particular for skincare and hair care. Shakti Massage Oil was developed through in-house R&D as a non-stick pleasantly perfumed massage oil for today's customers who know about the benefits of massage and the healthy properties of mustard oil but are unwilling to use traditional mustard oil because of its aroma and stickiness.

GREENEX ( Hard Surface Cleaner)

A safe, natural and versatile hard surface cleaner engineered to deliver a unique dirt removal action across a wide range of surfaces. Greenex is a value-added product developed through intense R&D which is an ongoing initiative at Puri Oil Mills Limited.