Hydro Power - Khukhni & Mussapur Project

Khukhni & Mussapur Project

The Puri Oil Mills Ltd. is looking for new Hydro Power Project sites in the states of Haryana & HP recently advertised by HAREDA and Dept. of MPP & Power, HP. We are also looking for the addition of 10MW of power generation in these states independent sites in Uttranchal and Haryana to set up Hydro Power Projects These power projects shall be aimed at making the group’s manufacturing facilities self reliant. India is making rapid strides in infrastructure development as it competes with other emerging economies to establish its supremacy in an integrating global economy and it is a matter of great pride that the Puri Group is also vying for its rightful share in the picture. Puri Oil Mills Ltd has recently diversified into the emerging small hydro power sector, in the state of Haryana in North India as well. The company has been allotted 2 prime hydro power generating sites on the Augmentation canal carved out of the famed Yamuna River passing through Haryana. The sites are located in villages Khukhni and Mussapur lying in district of Yamunanagar & Karnal respectively only about 10 kms from the nearest township of Ladwa, a famous timber belt in the area. Both the sites have a power generating potential of 1.4 MW each and the commissioning is all set to take place by April ’2009 and July 2009 respectively. The company is also exploring the possibility of using the power for captive usage for its edible oil processing facility at Bahadurgarh, Haryana- a breakthrough of sorts. Further progress on the project will be updated on the site from time to time.